By Liz Ann Phelps

Spring is here and the spring session classes at Sun Moon Yoga are beginning. I’m excited about teaching a Core Strong class. As I prepare for this new challenge, I’ve been reflecting on two questions.

What is a strong core?

Most people automatically think of sit-ups or crunches when they think of a strong core. Did you know it’s also strengthening of muscles in the back and hips? Core strengthening is not simply washboard abs so no fear if sit-ups are not your jam.

How does a strong core benefit me?

  • Everyday Acts: Yard work, gardening, walking, paddling a canoe. Every activity we do is done with more ease and grace when we have a strong core.
  • Balance and Stability: A strong core increases our ability to balance whether on our upright paddle board or in yoga class finding our tree pose.
  • Spinal Health: A majority of people will suffer from low back pain at one point or another. Did you know a common remedy for low back pain is core strengthening exercise? Whether you’re already in pain or you want to lower the risk, core strength work can help.
  • Posture: Core strengthening can improve your posture. As you strengthen the back and abdominal muscles, you’ll find it easer to sit and stand with a healthy posture.
  • Breathing: Improvement in posture leads to improvement in your ability to breathe deeply and fully throughout the day.

The Core Strong series at Sun Moon is designed to begin with easier core strength work and will progress in difficulty as your strength builds. It’s never too late to begin to reap the rewards of a strong core!