Leadership is not about being on top, but how many did you bring with you?    Yoga teachers who support the growth of other yoga teachers are a unique and wonderful tribe.   To be in this tribe you must be able to wrestle the beast of competitiveness, and share all you have learned, your personal resources to the betterment of another yoga teacher.

Wellness & Leadership, Sun Moon Yoga’s advanced teacher training (Yoga Alliance 300hr/500hr RYT), has just completed the pilot run with myself, and Co-Director Candy Bell, and faculty.

The energy for a successful first run was sustained by these three examples of true open-hearted  yoga leadership.  These women provided yoga-mom energy to make us stronger and support our vision.

Janine Gustafson, owner of Yoga Okoboji, Spirit Lake, Iowa
Supportive!  Listened to Candy’s and my initial vision over meals she treated us to.  Invited us to do Introductory Session at her studio.  Recommended us to her 200hr Yoga Alliance teacher training graduates.   Did the majority of presenting at our first retreat – participated in the entire program.  Drove two other teachers from Iowa.  She helped us hold our vision; her clarity in communications and honest feedback was invaluable.  She upped our social marketing game and helped others struggling with technology.  Janine offered everything she had to support EVERYONE asfellow yoga teachers.  This, and in myriad other ways, she exemplifies yoga leadership.

Mary Margaret Anderson Fay of Yogamn
She’s strong, and willing to share her strength.  Generous, she gifted us tees on our hot yoga class visit.   Open-hearted,  she introduced us in class, welcomed us into her home;  cooked  for us in her pizza oven she made herself (pizza brunch)!   Mary is our Meditation teacher, and traveled to Mankato to provide two days of quality training.  She’s an excellent presenter, but what makes her an inspiring leader is that she did not stop there.  She supported us in major ways just to help us grow something that would help other yoga teachers develop their gifts.   Mary has deep roots in the regional yoga community (opened first hot studio in Minneapolis).   She didn’t need our fledgling program gig as much as we needed her positive strength and support for our first run.  She was full-on for OUR success!   Mary’s authentic, real, genuinely supportive leadership is solid gold.

Co-Director Candy Bell
Open your home?  Open your heart!  Co-Director Candy Bell welcomed us into her home for our last week-end together.   What a treat!  Activities included a visit to Salt Caves (in Nicollet, MN), Yin Yoga (Yoga 4 You in Prior Lake); Thai Massage and her husband Tim’s lasagna.  Upon our leave she had linens for eight to wash, yet she waived us off smiling. High standards for educational materials, sensitivity to people’s feelings, meeting expectations for excellence are all categories Candy has inspired and motivated in me. Candy was, and still is, my first support for leadership of our program.  She would not describe herself in yoga leadership terms, but her yoga-mom energy and support was crucial at the founding of Sun Moon Yoga  twenty years ago.  She returns us to breath throughout – her leadership is like ground water and flows to where it is most needed.

Janine Gustafson

Janine Gustafson

Mary Margaret Andrson Fay

Mary Margaret Anderson Fay

Candy Bell

Candy Bell

Gratitude, thank you, appreciation, recognition to our faculty and our participants on the successful launch of Wellness & Leadership.

Are you interested in joining the yoga leadership tribe?  Does the journey to the next level of teaching speak to you?   Wellness & Leadership begins Oct 6-8 in Okoboji  — you do not have to be interested in the program to attend the retreat, but it’s the first step on the path if you are.

Join the yoga leadership tribe! Training begins this October at our Okoboji retreat

Photos from the 2016 Wellness and Leadership Yoga Teachers Retreat