Yoga Training:

What is Your Yoga Passion?

I enjoy teaching vinyasa flow classes, whether it is a power vinyasa class or an all levels vinyasa class, I love the challenge of stringing poses together. I love spending time finding poses that flow together physically and then I try to enhance that with music that compliments the sequencing of poses. I spend a lot of time finding music to enrich the physical asana practice without it being a distraction.

Why do you love teaching yoga?

Yoga reminds me that I was born with one body and one skin and I should love the skin I am in. Yoga and meditation practices are daily reminders to be kind to myself and others. So, to say I am passionate about sharing that part of yoga with others is an understatement! If I can lend support to even one person by sharing with them tools on how to practice loving the skin they are in and accepting themselves without judgement, then I deem that a success.

What’s your favorite asana?

Well, anyone that knows me knows that lunges are my favorite asana. I feel physically strong and grounded when I am in a lunge pose and so many muscles are working that it seems to be a win win asana. Plus, there are variations of lunges for everyone to be successful.

Fun Fact:

I work full-time at MSU, Mankato in Campus Recreation where I coordinate the fitness and wellness programs in Campus Rec. I co-lead yoga retreat workshops through Middle Ground Yoga with my friend Cherie Pettitt.