Yoga Training:

“I learned so much more than how to teach yoga in the Sun Moon Teacher Training. I learned about myself. I went deeper into my own yoga practice. I made life-long connections to amazing humans.”

What is Your Yoga Passion?

I really love teaching flowing, core, and breath-focused classes. It is really rewarding to teach classes where I can give options for all-levels, and all students walk away feeling successful, centered, and blissful.

Why do you love teaching yoga?

Yoga has taught me to be kinder to myself, to be mindful, to find inner stillness. Teaching allows me to share the physical benefits of feeling more relaxed, getting stronger, becoming more flexible, as well as the mindful aspects of yoga that help build mental and emotional resilience. It is a gift to be able to share these things with others.

What’s your favorite asana?

My current favorite asana is any variation of a lying twist. So many muscles attach to the hips and spine and nothing feels better than releasing tension there with a beautiful twist. The hip and low back area also tends to hold many emotions – twists can help us release those “stuck” places as well.

Fun Fact:

I am also a performing artist. I am a vocalist, write music, play guitar, choreograph and perform contemporary dance. I also teach silks, aerial hoop (lyra), and pole dance at Aerial Affinity.