Yoga Training:

“There is something special about Sun Moon. I think it’s the energy of the people and a dedicated yoga space committed to community wellness.”

What is Your Yoga Passion?

I love teaching gentle yoga because these students know how to just be. It is rewarding to teach people awareness of their body, so they can learn when to push and when to back off. I love seeing my students maintain and even improve what they have in strength, mobility, and balance.

Why do you love teaching yoga?

I love teaching yoga because yoga is for every body at every age. I’ve taught kids, teens, older adults. I’ve taught power yoga to gentle. I love it because it is exercise, but it is also more than that – yoga is finding your mind-body-spirit connection.

What’s your favorite asana?

Twists and balances are my favorite poses. Balance and mobility is so important, at all stages of life, but especially as you get older. I also love triangle because it stretches every part of your body.

Fun Fact:

I travel a lot, I love to read and hike. Some of my favorite places I’ve visited are Eastern Europe, Lithuania and I love visiting my grandson in New York City – there is always something new to do and experience there!