Yoga Training:

“I feel fortunate that I was able to study yoga in my community. Our training focused on bringing people together, sharing experiences, and spreading the eight limbs of yoga not only within us, but also bringing yoga off the mat into our homes, jobs, and communities.”

What is Your Yoga Passion?

I absolutely love teaching students who are brand new to yoga, Beginners Yoga at Sun Moon. I remember being so intimidated going to a yoga studio for the first time. Fearing I didn’t have the “right” body, or wasn’t “flexible” enough. Only to find out that yoga isn’t for a certain type of body, or only for the flexible. Yoga takes place in the mind, the body and postures help the mind focus, bring awareness into our body, and keep us grounded and focused in the hear and now.

What’s your favorite asana?

My favorite asana is tree pose. Just like life, sometimes I am solid, strong and balanced, other times I am off balance and unfocused. It reminds me not to get attached or to practice for the perfection of a pose, just to accept where I am at that moment in time

Fun Fact:

Outside of yoga I am lucky enough to have a job I love, being a high school special education teacher