Yoga Training:

“My favorite part of the program was Mona’s ability to provide me with the encouragement to get out of my head and be my authentic self.”

What is Your Yoga Passion?

I excel at teaching yoga with a Trauma-Informed approach being mindful of the various abilities that exist in the Happy Hour Hatha classes.  I am also passionate about teaching mindfulness techniques in class that individuals can use in their everyday lives.  We could all use a few tools to slow down, unplug, and recharge our physical bodies.

Why do you love teaching yoga?

I love to teach yoga because we all are on the same road of life, some paths diverge, others merge, yet there are tools to provide us with perspective and strength to endure this journey.  I feel yoga is a powerful tool to help us in our journey through relationships with others and most importantly with our selves.

What’s your favorite asana?

Tree pose.  When I do this in nature I feel that it further unites me to mother earth and more deeply with myself.  I also love this pose because there are so many variations that depending on where your body is it that day you can modify while still getting the same benefits.

Fun Fact:

I have an Instagram account dedicated to my cats, Patsy and Saffron.