• Wear non-restrictive clothing and plan to be barefoot.

  • Try to refrain from eating at least two hours before the start of your class because practice is best on an empty stomach.

  • Please do not wear heavy perfume, scented oils or colognes.

  • Arrive 10–15 minutes before the start of class in order to sign in and prepare for the session.

  • Inform your instructor if you have any injuries or if you are pregnant.

  • Consider bringing a towel and bottled water. Many of our classes are vigorous and will cause you to sweat.

  • Changing rooms are provided.

  • Mats are available for use during class—to borrow or purchase—however, bringing your own mat is encouraged.


  1. Refunds are minus a $5 processing fee and MUST BE REQUESTED IN WRITING. No refunds once class has met a second time.

  2. Participants may make-up missed classes free of charge, space permitting, in any other registered yoga class. BARGAIN CLASSES EXCLUDED.

  3. For sanitary reasons we suggest you have your own mat—$27—or from your own source.

  4. Late arriving registered participants might lose their space to drop-ins and make-up students.

  5. Classes not meeting a minimum number of registrations will be cancelled.

  6. If the studio cancels a class due to emergency we provide a makeup class.

  7. All participants must fill out a registration form each time they register.

Policy for Children in Yoga Classes at Sun Moon Yoga:

Yoga is an excellent activity for children, however, our classes are for adults. When we offer Children’s Yoga classes, teaching techniques used are different (games, activities). For yoga class opportunities for children under the age of 10, please see Pregnancy and Kids Yoga.

  1. High school-aged students are welcome in all classes.

  2. Appropriately-behaved children, 10 years and older, may register to attend Introduction to Yoga with an adult; or $5 drop-in Happy Hour classes only. Excluded from participating in Registered: Hatha and Vinyasa classes; Ashtanga/Power classes, Yoga for Strength.

  3. Attending adults are asked to educate the child with respectful studio manners: No talking during class instruction - by the child OR the attending adult. Child must have skills to: Sit quietly, move slowly, and behave appropriately in final relaxation.

  4. Teachers have options to: Position adult with attending child specifically in the room (example: by the door, back-of-room, etc.). If attending adult and child need to converse, they should leave the room and may return. Continual conversation between attending adult and child, without regard to other yoga students, will result in being asked to leave.

  5. The sanctuary, and mind/body experience we provide is valuable, and unique in our community. It requires an understanding our how our behaviors effect others, etc. Many students are parents, teachers, nurses, caregivers, who depend on Sun Moon Yoga for self-care and personal time. While completely supportive of introducing children of yoga, our policy is that should not be at the expense of disrupting our dedicated student’s practice.