The top memory I will have from the teacher training happened after I got home. My family was interested to know more about what I had learned, so I transformed an area in my home into a soothing mini-studio and led a bedtime yoga class. My sons are 16 and 14 and my daughter is 10…I was surprised at how focused they became on their bodies (especially my teen boys) as I led them through some very basic moves. To see my children and spouse completely silent and relaxed in Shavasanah at the end of our practice nearly melted my heart. I tucked in my kids and rubbed a little lavender on their feet — I think they thought they’d died and gone to heaven! Thank you for sharing your passion with others, and for stirring transformation even farther than you know.”

Heather Yeoman
2014 Teacher Training Student

2014 Sun Moon Teacher Training ClassAfter 30 years at a desk with too little time spared for work-life balance I was both hesitant and eager to do the training. Yoga had been a refuge over the last few years of my career. It was a gift that I wanted to share. But, in my mind, I didn't look the part and I was too old. That changed. I learned better.

The weekends were intense; physically, mentally and emotionally. I was very tired at the end of every one, but so was everyone else. It was fun. We always left looking forward to the next. As a community we shared the experience; teachers and trainees. That's the way I want to teach. That's the reason I applied. Now I know I can. Thank you, Mona for making this possible.”

George DeStefano
(pictured above, middle row, far right)
2014 Teacher Training Graduate

The Sun Moon Yoga Teacher Training Program will change you life. Whether your goal is to learn how to share yoga with others, expand your knowledge or just take better care of yourself, this experience will open you to moments of transformation that will ripple out into your life. The program is structured to give you a wide sampling of what the world of yoga has to offer in a way that is safe, nurturing and energetic. You will meet amazing, diverse people who will share in your excitement. Come to it with an open heart and you will be amazed! Thank you, Mona for your dedication to this program.”

Namaste, Dr. Jennifer Horton
(pictured above, front row, far right)
2014 Teacher Training Graduate

Just wanted to send you a note :) I wanted to thank you for your program. It taught me so much more and so many different things than I expected. Mollie and I have really been able to grow the number of participants that come to our yoga classes because of the confidence we received from your program. Today Mollie had 15 people at her 9:30 class (which was at about 5 for a long time) and my gentle class on Monday nights (which had sometimes only 3 or 4 in the summer) is having numbers in the 20s each week. We are so excited to share yoga with people and that makes people want to try it. So...thanks for what you do!”

Molly Titchenal of Dynamic Fitness Owatonna
2012 Teacher Training Graduate

The teacher training at Sun Moon gave me just what I needed: exposure to all things yoga with the realization that yoga is a self-improvement program and a life-style, so much more than an asana practice. Mona does an incredible job of pulling in the best presenters in the region for workshops, everything from anatomy with Laura to restorative yoga with Candy. As much as we would have all loved to soak up Mona each weekend, I appreciate the exposure to a broad range of information, personalities and teaching styles.”

Martha Lips
Summer 2009 Teacher Training Graduate

Mona does a tremendous job of making new students feel at home, comfortable, and most of all nutured. She has insight and empathy towards the weary and nervous travelers that come into her care. I felt as if Sun Moon was a home for me right away and had to peel myself away from the studio each Sunday to travel to my other home. I met amazing women and men who were fellow students and each taught me something. It was a treasured space and experience in my life. Thank you Mona and all!”

Julie Rice
2009 Teacher Training Graduate

Teacher Training at Sun Moon was a life changing event for me. I learned as much about myself as I did about yoga. As I walked in, I was scared that I wasn't good enough, smart enough, thin enough....As I walked out, I was only scared that I would lose the friendships that I made over the course of the training. Thank you to Mona and ALL of the wonderful, caring teachers that she brought in!”

Julie Clennon
Summer 2009 Teacher Training Graduate

Sun Moon Yoga studio provides a unique study program. The importance of yoga community is stressed. But the best thing about Sun Moon teacher training is undoubtedly studio owner Mona Ceniceros herself! She is effervescent, funny, and dedicated to yoga and its transformative power!”

Kay Puttock, Ph.D.
Senior Yoga Green Hills Retirement
Ames, Iowa

Sun Moon's Teacher Training was a life changing, confidence building, peaceful experience! It was so great get to spend time learning and playing with so many like minded people. You have such a great thing going Mona, keep it up!!”

Kris Luebbert

My teacher training was a wonderful experience which has opened me up to lots of new and exciting adventures. Mona was not only a great teacher, but she has the warmth, joy and presence that exemplifies the yoga principles. Thanks Mona.”

Gwen Schmid
Yoga on the Prairies
Sleepy Eye, MN

The course was very intense, but not undoable by any means, I have some physical challenges and still came through, a more complete person, physically and spiritually. I would love to do the teacher training again. To know you are never a finished product, is exciting to me as well as a challenge.”

Diane Luedtke

Thank you for being part of my life. I took my first yoga class in 1970, have lived in some powerful alternative health communities, and have to say your teacher training classes were some of the best I have ever had . . . I made new friends, and the thing that astounded me most was that there were students from every level of yoga and no one stood in judgement of anyone else. It was really a great experience.”

Diane Pearson
Owner, Ancient Wisdom Massage Therapy & Yoga
Fairmont, MN