By Kami Ostergaard
Sun Moon Yoga Intern, Fall 2010

Sun Moon Yoga

For months, and most of my summer before senior year, I tried to decide what internship wouldbenefit me the most, and how I could incorporate fitness into it.  While searching different businesses around Mankato, and of course Facebook and MNPR Blog, I came across a former MSU student who had an internship with Sun Moon Yoga. I was debating between contacting Sun Moon or Michael Cooper, MSU Director of Media Relations, and I realized a yoga studio would be a better fit for me.

I was lucky to have taken a yoga class from Mona Ceniceros and emailed her during the previous year about a possible internship for my final credit.  I contacted her again, and we met to discuss what I would do as the Sun Moon intern.  Not knowing what to expect was exciting because this was my first internship writing news releases, promoting events and taking pictures for variousyoga events.

The first event I needed to promote and write a news release was an event calledBarefoot Boogie for BENCHS.  This was a benefit event for the Blue Earth Nicollet County Humane Society where Sun Moon hosted two different events in one evening.  The first event was “Up Dog Down All Dogs,” a power hour yoga class where there was a $5 drop-in rate dedicated to BENCHS.  The second event was “Barefoot Boogie for BENCHS,” which was a free-style dancing class to positive, eclectic music.  No yoga mats or shoes were required and this wasn’t your typical yoga class.  Donations were appreciated, and Sun Moon will host this event for years to come.  During this event, not only did I write the news release and send it to the MSU Reporter and the Mankato Free Press, but also I took pictures while the classes were going on. 

The second event that I wrote a news release for was the 11th annual Free Food Drive Yoga echo food shelf food drive at sun moon yogaClass.  This event benefited ECHO Food Shelf where the public could take a yoga class for free in exchange for a food self item.  I helped Mona wrap boxes in Christmas wrapping paper for the participants to place their food items in. 
This news release was also sent to the MSU Reporter and the Mankato Free Press.  Neither of the news releases was published, but I did follow up many times to make sure they received them. 

Back in October, Sun Moon welcomed Yoga Study guest instructor, Mary Margaret Anderson.  This was an amazing class to be a part of, but I didn’t take class.  I took pictures where I captured movements and different angles of various yoga poses.  This seemed to be the trickiest aspect for me because I wasn’t sure if I was getting effective pictures.  I didn’t take any photography classes, but I did the best I could.  The pictures are posted here

Towards the end of my internship, Mona and I discussed social media and the impact it has made.  I informed her about Twitter and what it is used for.  She’s familiar with Facebook, but Twitter was something she had never encountered.  So, we figured out that for the rest of my internship because I “passed” the news release and promoting aspect of the internship that I would Tweet about the upcoming events at Sun Moon. 

It’s amazing to see how many different ways there are to promote an event or get more publicity within an organization.  Working with Sun Moon has made me realize that I needed to reach out of my comfort zone so I could get the word out to people about the importance of yoga and their various events. 

They have many teacher training workshops to different events with yoga professionals from all over Minnesota.  The opportunities Sun Moon gives are extraordinary and never ending. 

In conclusion, I’m very happy with the outcome of my internship because I learned how to write news releases for actual events and do the follow ups with the local media outlets.  There wasn’t anything I disliked about this opportunity because Mona let me work on my time, and the more effort I put in the more I learned.  Sun Moon lets you be your own person, whether you’re a student, teacher or intern. Everyone in the studio communicates effectively and enjoys what they do.  It was truly a blessing to have completed my internship with Sun Moon Yoga.