Faye Berton visited Sun Moon Yoga Studio October 14-16, 2011 to present a “Bones for Life” workshop. 

Bones for Life is a type of yoga that deals with maintaining optimal posture and aligning your spine in away that helps protect your body from injury.  Bones for Life is designed to teach you how to walk the way the body is intended, as well as strengthen and lengthen your movement.

Berton brought these ideas to the area and really focused on listening to the rhythm of ones body.  On the final day of the Mankato event she showed an inspirational video featuring men and women in Africa.  Berton pointed out how the men and women use their nature body rhythm to do their daily tasks, whether that be working on the railroads or walking miles carrying water or baskets on their heads.  The video sparked motivation into her students for the last day of the event.chest

Berton, with her calm and soothing presence, easily communicated with her students as they slowed down to really feel and listen to their own bodies.  The “Bones for Life” proved to be a successful event as students left feeling more in-tune with their bodies.

Berton’s teaching is based on B.K.S Iyengar as well as Feldendrais and other somatic disciplines.  B.K.S. Iyengar created his yoga technique off of research based experience as well as experience based research.  This type of yoga involves the body, mind and emotions.

Berton founded the Laurel Yoga Studio in St. Paul, Mn as well as Casa Lalita, which is a learning retreat center in Puerto Morelos, Mexico.   She is a graduate of advanced Ayurvedic studies and is a certified Bones for Life teacher.

To learn more about Bones for Life visit movementintelligence.org.