People, planet and profits: University interns study Sun Moon Yoga's wellness-based social enterprise

College students from several disciplines chose to intern at Sun Moon so that they might understand a wellness-based entrepreneurial business model. Learn More

Articles written by MSU-M interns Kami Ostergaard (2010) and Nikki Potts (2011) can be found on our Media Archives page.

Sun Moon Yoga is honored to have participated in the following academic research projects:

Mona Ceniceros and Molly Mayer
Author Molly Mayer

TITLE: “An Exploration of Occupational Therapy, Yoga and Multi-Media.”

AUTHOR: Molly Mayer, Occupational Therapy Master’s Degree (O.T.), St. Catherine University, presented for Sun Moon 2012 Yoga Study (YA 200hr teacher training). (Molly's Resumé)

ABOUT: Molly has formerly taught yoga at Sun Moon; graduate of Sun Moon Yoga's Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)

TITLE: More than decoration: An investigation into the role of visual rhetoric and ethos in corporate visual identity.”

AUTHOR: Jennifer R. Veltos; Phd Dissertation, Rhetoric & Professional Communication, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, 2009.

ABOUT: Author Veltos describing to Sun Moon owner Mona Ceniceros, “You are part of the group I call experienced participants… A female business owner who takes an active role in her company’s visual identity. Your interview was very helpful because it provided a wonderful contrast to some of the ‘expert’ advice I’ve read.”

TITLE: Perceived Benefits of Hatha Yoga for Women Aged 60 and Older regarding Balance, Mobility, Fall Prevention and Functional status.”

AUTHOR: Carly Hopper, Health Science Master’s Degree thesis; College of Allied Health & Nursing, Minnesota State University, 2008.

ABOUT: Sun Moon Yoga staff teacher Carly Hopper participates as faculty in the 200hour Yoga Study course. She also works at Minnesota State University Student Health Services. She is a national fitness presenter, worked with MSU Men’s and Women’s swim teams, 2009.

TITLE: “Pilot Study on Oxygen Consumption during Ashtanga Yoga Vinyasa,” Unpublished.

AUTHOR: Dr. June Kloubec, Exercise Science Department, Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, MN, 2007. Kloubec did her doctoral research on pilates conditioning.

ABOUT: June Kloubec participated as Sun Moon staff and Yoga Study faculty member for several years before moving to Seattle, Wash. She is currently faculty in the department of Nutrition and Exercise Science at Baystr University and Seattle University.



Celebrating with author Carly Hopper, M.S (pictured far right) are MSU Health Science graduate committee members and Sun Moon Yoga teachers, left to right: Mona Ceniceros, Dr. Judith Luebke, Nancy Holden, Klea Fitzgerald (back).

Author June Klobec