200hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training

Mona Ceniceros,
Director of Training

Open to all level of yoga student, to enhance personal growth, or gain confidence to be an excellent teacher. Emerge from this course inspired and ready to teach; or, to make use of the transformational material in your personal life. Whether in your 20s or 60s; have a powerful intention, or unsure why you’re drawn in, you will become part of a cohesive, energetically positive group experience.

About the Theme
Learn skills to create community in yoga classes, programs, and many other areas of life. To increase diversity in yoga our program emphasizes recognition/celebration of individual differences: All ages, all sizes, all body types.

YA 200hr Standards, including:

  • Principles of asana alignment and adjustment
  • Basic anatomy/physiology as applies to yoga
  • Yoga Philosopy — The Yamas & Niyamas
  • Energy field — The Chakras
  • The path and practice of teaching yoga

To complete Yoga Alliance 200 hours participants must complete Eight Weekend Intensives. You may begin in either Fall or Spring but must complete both to meet YA 200hour Standards.

Itinerary for
Weekend Intensives

7–10 pm (3 hrs)

(12 hrs; with lunch/dinner breaks)

9AM –1PM
(4 hrs)

2017/2018 Training Dates

SPRING 2017 Registration Form (PDF)

  • March 31–April 2: Fri–Sun
  • April 21–23: Fri–Sun
  • May 5–7: Fri–Sun
  • June 9–11: Fri–Sun


  • July 14 & 15 (Friday night only)
  • Aug 4 & 5 (Friday night only)
  • Itinerary: Friday 4-8pm; Saturday, 8am to 2pm (10 hours)

FALL 2017 Registration Form (PDF)

  • September 15–17: Fri–Sun
  • October 13–15: Fri–Sun
  • November 3–5: Fri–Sun
  • December 2–3: Saturday night only

SPRING 2018 Registration Form (PDF)

  • March 23–25: Fri–Sun
  • April 20–22: Fri–Sun
  • May 4–6: Fri–Sun
  • June 8–10: Fri–Sun


  • July 13 & 14 (Friday night only)
  • Aug. 3 & 4 (Friday night only)
  • Itinerary: Friday 4-8pm; Saturday, 8am to 2pm (10 hours)

FALL 2018

  • September 7-9: Fri–Sun
  • October 5-7:Fri–Sun
  • November 2-4: Fri–Sun
  • December 1-2: (Saturday night only)

How do the Makeup Weekends work?

Sun Moon’s Excellence in Teaching Yoga course is designed for YOUR success. The aim is high quality training, for a broad range of people, accommodating to real life. Everyone has events that may cause them to miss training hours. Our program has multiple Makeup Weekend opportunities pre-set for participant’s planning.

  1. Makeup Weekends may be substituted to cover contact hours you have missed; or will/may be missed in the training.
  2. Makeup Weekends are one-night only and require additional homework to complete YA hours.
  3. Participants using Makeup Weekends to cover absences from group training are responsible for documentation, using the Petition for Substitution form (PDF).

Yoga Teacher Training — Designed for YOUR Success