Excellence in Teacher Training: 200 Hr
Holistic program for highest quality, lowest stress!

Sun Moon Yoga Teacher Training is NOT:

lotus flower We are not NEW — We are the longest established Yoga Alliance 200 hour program in a five-state area. We are not LARGE — We limit our training to only one group of 20 participants a year.
lotus flower We are not dogmatic, we do not promote a specific yoga style or direction. We encourage all participants to explore a variety of different approaches to yoga.
lotus flower We are not seeking only advanced yoga students. Participants range in age from 20s to 70s; men and women, with varying levels of experience, from all walks of life. Recognition and celebration of diversity in human body type, experience and perceptions are part of the richness of the teacher training experience
lotus flower We are not a chain or franchise. We don’t have multiple mall locations or corporate offices. We are a singularly unique program, focused on excellence. Director Mona Ceniceros is sole proprietor, who holds the training at her own successful studio and is personally invested in each participant’s success.
lotus flower We are not a memorization program. We do not teach participants to memorize set sequences or dialog. Participants learn how to craft their own classes and to teach with an authentic voice.
lotus flower We are not an “add-it-up,” program, where participants take different modules, or training events independently of each other, adding up hours to reach 200. In our training you are part of a cohesive learning community, where you don’t just cross paths with fellow participants, but support each other on the path.
lotus flower We don’t offer different versions of our training (weekly year-long, intense immersion). We have carefully planned the training experience we offer, and it’s the same highest quality, lowest stress format for all participants.
lotus flower We don’t hold teacher training in exotic retreat locations because our teacher training participants won’t be teaching there. Our participants hail from southeastern Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minneapolis, and our program prepares them to build yoga classes in their local communities, and to network regionally.