Rainbows Over Sun Moon Yoga



To be a blessing to Mankato by sharing the health empowerment of yoga; and a regional yoga educational resource by offering yoga teacher training. Addressing the issues of: Unhealthy lifestyle, poor health/fitness, back pain, stress, high blood pressure, depression, osteoporosis, and many more. Sun Moon brings Mankato a non-competitive, holistic educational environment, with qualified teachers who teach yoga’s preventative/ therapeutic techniques (in classes, workshops and trainings) for a variety of health issues for people of all ages, ability and income levels.

email to mona What makes us a social enterprise, and not a traditional business? Our mission is inspired, and success is measured, by the triple bottom line of social entrepreneurship: people, planet, profits. We’re inspired by our mission to empower people toward radiant health, and be a positive influence in the regional yoga/wellness community. Sun Moon students class registration funds are reinvested in improving the studios for the students and bringing in experts for training. Sun Moon Yoga teachers have volunteered their time at Summit Center, area schools, for service organizations and many more. We hold three annual benefits: Animal Shelter (3 years); Salvation Army Coat Drive (12 years) and Christmas food drive (13 years).

Social Issue Addressed:

The top leading causes of disease and death in our area, (and the industrialized world) are preventable, and created by lifestyle behaviors. Yoga, through emphasis on movement, healthy diet, stress reduction, meditation, relaxation, etc. provides low-cost, non-drug/surgery answers for many health issues. Yoga provides healthy lifestyle tools, and classes provide support.

To Achieve This:

  1. Create space specifically designed to support above mission. Sun Moon is in the 13th year, offering 20 plus classes weekly, in a leased space. Sufficient props (chairs, bolsters, straps, mats) for pre-natal, seniors, teacher training, daily classes.
  2. Sun Moon began with one well-qualified/experienced teacher (Mona Ceniceros), and a few students with potential. Today the teaching staff of 15 has a reputation for excellence, that has drawn hundreds of teachers to Sun Moon Yoga training from: Minneapolis, Iowa, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, Nebraska.
  3. To be a blessing to Mankato, Sun Moon has shared yoga outside the studio with: District 77 students and employees, Coughlan Companies, YWCA Leadership program, MSU athletic teams, Blue Earth County incarcerated women, and many others. And also through “Yoga with Mona,” a long-running public access television program (created by Saint Peter High School media students).
  4. Having developed a teacher training program prior to founding of Yoga Alliance; Sun Moon was poised, and became the first Yoga Alliance approved 200hour yoga teacher training program in a five-state radius. Since that time training has produced teachers who have opened studios (Breathe in Rochester; Synergy, Anoka; Yoga You, New Prague), and have their own yoga teacher training programs (Green Lotus, Lakeville; Yoga North, Duluth; Heartwork, Northfield.) This has created a regional yoga community rich in enthusiastic teachers. As well as a market for more advanced training. Sun Moon has responded by bringing nationally-recognized trainers to Mankato.

Why are Independently-owned Alternative Health/fitness Environments Necessary?

Despite the fact that fitness and medical industries profits grow bigger each year, so do obese Americans and their health issues. Health club and hospital environments are institutionally influenced, and consumers are seeking alternative options. Institutional, competitive, financial priorities (for non-profits as well as profits), often don’t resonate with consumers consciously seeking alignment with their social values.